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Methow Valley Inn - The great plant explore by the Skagit women…

The great plant explore by the Skagit women…

A wonderful group of friends rented the Inn a few weeks ago, focused on getting some hiking under their belt(s) while looking for and identifying trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

And what a time they had! Mary, Elle, Nancy and Lyn (the official naturalist in the group) were out everyday early, searched and were rewarded with wonderful finds…what is it what is it???


Here is their list from the hike up Lookout Mountain…over 40 species! Way to go amazing women. Come back any ol’ time!

Serviceberry, Yarrow, Raceme pussytoes, Kinnickinnick, Heart-leaf arnica,Big sagebrush, Arrow-leaf balsam root, Harsh paintbrush, Scarlet paintbrush, Snowbrush (ceanothus), Western spring beauty, Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary, Upland larkspur, Jeffrey’s shooting star, Fireweed, Strict buckwheat, Prairie smoke, Rattlesnake plantain, Lava alumroot, Ocean spray, Ball-headed waterleaf, Columbia lewisia, Bitterroot, Prairie star, Fern-leaf biscuit-root, Large-fruited lomatium, Barestem desert-parsley, Silvercrown luina, Lupine, Small bluebells, Mountain box, Lodgepole pine, Ponderosa pine, Black cottonwood, Douglas fir, Bitterbrush, Squaw currant, Blue elderberry, Western saxifrage, Western groundsel, False Solomon’s seal, Western meadow rue, Death camas, Western mountain ash, Naked broomrape, Bracted lousewort, Chocolate tips, Sulphur buckwheat.

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